Google Has Released August 2023 Core Update

Most of my sites were fine did not even notice anything. But one that was a 2 month old domain that I did 301s from the old domain to new was hammered. It was on August 11th like one of the screen shots above.

I was going from an expensive tld to a .com cause I wanted to save money. Not sure if it is the new domain, the 301s or the old domain expired. I did all the things you are supposed to do to move a domain. But then let it expire maybe too soon. :(

Not sure how to fix. I might fix content there a little and wait for next update. Or look for an expired domain.
You made a very big mistake by letting the old domain expire. I have done a couple of 301 redirects for new domains and I have always succeeded.

In fact the recent move I did had a boost with this update. The golden rule to moving domain is never allow the old domain expire.
AI sites don’t deserve to be online as they fail to sufficiently address the pain-points of your target clients. That’s how I feel about it because the internet is not a place for quick-do operation; it’s all about quality information or solution which requires human involvement.
A very nice boner actually


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How are everyones AI generated content doing? anything related to it?
Your AI content gas been hit?

Made 3 sites, 6 months old, for the same product, with different backlinks, all with ChatGPT3 content. All 3 dropped from ~20-30 positions to ~80. In a week, move up to ~60. That's it. More than a month gone, I hoped for recovery, but still nothing for all three. Similar sites with human content are no dropped.

Want to change the content to one of them on a human and see if will it recover or not. But where to find good human content if all sell AI generated and tell you that it's human.
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Google Search Central announced the completion of the August 2023 core update. The rollout is now complete as of September 7, 2023. According to the Google Search Status Dashboard, the latest core update took 16 days and three hours to roll out fully. Read more :,as%20of%20September%207%2C%202023.&text=According%20to%20the%20Google%20Search,hours%20to%20roll%20out%20fully.
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