Google has indexed a forwarding URL in place of my actual URL.

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by buysellbooth, Nov 21, 2011.

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    Over the past weekend I have noticed a strange change to my websites results on Google searches. My website normally ranks as No.1 (in the UK) for our main keyword "afternoon tea". I own several other domains that are setup to forward the user directly to my website. In the past few days Google has indexed one of our forwarding URLs in place of our actual URL, and because Google has done this we have dropped slightly in the search results; e.g. my forwarding URL is now ranked as No.2 for the search term "afternoon tea" and my actual domain is nowhere to be seen for this keyword. I know my actual domain is still recognised by Google as it still shows up in other more specific search terms like "afternoon tea london" but most of the time it is shown is for sub-pages and not our index page.

    Could anyone shed some light on why this might have happened, or if there was any actions I could take to rectify this so Google only indexes my actual domain?

    There has been no drastic changes to my websites design or content recently, the only changes made in the past week was adding the Google +1 button to my page and adding two new buttons that link to our Twitter and Google+ page. Would this have had any effect on these happenings?

    Thanks in advance for your support.
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    I believe you have redirected your URLs...

    Well, Google takes some time to absorb the fact that you have redirected your URLs.
    Due to this, you might be experiencing some fluctuations in the rankings.

    I am sure, things will be normal very soon.
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    You're actually down to 3rd in the SERPs from where I am.