Google Gives Advertisers the Power of Remarketing

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    Article forwarded by Clickbank

    Successful marketers have known for a long time that the more often you can get your product in front of potential customers, the more likely they are to buy. For traditional marketers, this has usually been accomplished by methods such as print, radio, or TV advertising.
    In a move that should benefit affiliate marketers and vendors, Google announced yesterday that they've brought this same ability to remarket to customers to PPC advertising.

    Basically, in your Google AdWords account, you can specify that you want to display ads for your products or site to people who have already visited your site from a paid click. Your subsequent ads will be shown to them in the Google Content Network, when they're browsing other sites related to your product. This gives you a great opportunity to remind people of the benefits of your product, or offer them a reason to come back and check out your site again. It's possible that the first time they visited your site, they just weren't ready to buy, but after browsing around online, a well-written ad could be just what it takes to get them to come back and buy this time.
    If you do AdWords advertising, be sure to check it out! "
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    Jonathan Van Clute did a blog post and with a recorderd phone call on this subject.
    I stronlgey recommend that you listen to this, beacuse its gonna change the google adwords game when it comes to affiliate marketing.

    Here is the link: