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    Hi all,

    I set another site up about a week ago in my lil ole niche. Its a dot com in a fairly competitive market, but should be easy enough to break into (I'm skimming off the bottom, or trying to). Anyhow, I'm still waiting for Google to index me. I'm confident that when they do, I'll be somewhere in page one.

    However, I have a problem. I still haven't been indexed after 7 days. Although in some places I've read it can take months. Whats the scoop here? Is that true? I've ran SEO tests against my site and I'm scoring 100% against everything ( keyword density check and site analysis). I've put the site into about 25 PR3+ directories and still nothing. Am I doing something wrong or am I just gonna have to wait?

    Also, if anyone has some nice directories to get listed in for nothing I would be most grateful.

    Also for a big list of easy-to-get-listed, SEO friendly, decent-PR directories, (they also have niche directories) check out It's very nice. Hope that can help someone else.

    All help from you SEO dudes much appreciated.
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    Hey, don't worry about it. I have about 17 sites and all of them get indexed within hours, let alone days with Google, yet my latest one was launched on Monday and still isn't indexed. I know the drill pretty well...I don't go overboard on linking, I social bookmark sparingly and this has served me well for at least 3 years but this latest one....Jesus, it's taking forever.

    I honestly think it's a Google problem just now so my advice is don't worry about it and they will come.
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    Directories aren't that great for indexing to be honest.

    Stick a link up on some PR5+ social bookmarking sites, not lots just a few and then wait a couple of hours. You should be indexed pretty soon after doing that.
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    If you want to get indexed within a day, please check the advise in the following post. Social bookmarking also helps fast indexing

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    Firstly, go ahead and submit your site to google (just google "submit a site") to find the form. Also, create yourself a google xml sitemap too. There's nothing wrong with telling google "hey, this is my site."

    next, take the time to check your robots.txt and make sure you're not accidentally blocking spiders. I've seen it happen all too often.

    Aside from that, just get a link somewhere. Google indexing speed is roughly proportional to pagerank score (higher PR sites get crawled more often) so do your best to get links from a good site.

    If you have a blog, blog and say "hey, I just launched this site"
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