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    Tuesday, November 04, 2008
    Google Forum Search
    Much like Google Video, Google Groups expanded its index from the Usenet discussion boards and the Google-hosted groups to almost all discussion boards from the web. The results show the same enhanced snippets that were added to the web search last month.

    It's interesting to notice that Google's help forums for different services are moving to a new platform initially created for a Yahoo Answers-like Q&A service. Some of the forums have already migrated (Google Talk, Chrome, AdSense) and the benefits are clear: the new forums clearly delimit answers from questions, answered questions from unanswered questions and they encourage people to answer more questions. After migrating its own help forums, Google might make the platform code-named Confucius available to the public.

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    This is cool, i have had problems searching for things on forums. Most of them use the same phpbb.

    The new feature shows last post time in some cases to find the ones that are fresh.

    And the best thing is that you can find results in universal search too.

    Its time to start forum spamming :)