Google fined 5 Billion by EU

Typically Google's bloatware does not have any advertising etc on it... how are they benefiting aside from branding or is it just a branding play?

Most of the bloat-y stuff owned by Google seems to have an option for a paid subscription.

Probably also considerations related to market share + people generally using default applications. Saw a decent video about how Bing gets a ton of use by making deals with miscellaneous companies to be the default search engine. "Hardcore"/power users/whatever generally change it, but a huge portion of normal-y users leave it as the default.
Microsoft have done this and now have to give option of browsers.

Apple annoys me in that to put apps on their store i have to do it on an apple machine.
I could put an app on the playstore of any type of device.
I wouldn’t pay it, I wish I could just fine companies billions for whatever reason...they are putting their own apps on their own phones, how is that illegal?? and how do they come up with that number anyway and who gets that money lol, yeah just give me billions of dollars cus I said so

The E.U is a big joke
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