Google Favoring Medical Sites On Page 1 For Health Related Niches?

Discussion in 'Link Building' started by mikie46, Jul 27, 2012.

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    Do a search for "Toenail Fungus" or "Cure Yeast Infection" and you'll find nothing but a bunch of medical websites all on the 1st page. Its getting ridiculous. Dont tell me that google is not favoring sites above all else no matter how good or bad your SEO is sooner or later you wont rank on the 1st page for any health related subject.

    Search for "Cure Yeast Infection" for example. There is only one niche site on the 1st page all the rest are webmd, altmedicine, earthclinic etc.

    Talk about a monopoly!!!! I call it another class action law suit ready to happen cause Google is clearly manipulating the serps to suit its own needs and is obviously not based on who should be there based on SEO.

    At least this is what im seeing for health related niches.
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    Shit, it probably won't be long before nobody ranks on the first page of Google unless they pay. Half the page, above the fold, is consumed by paid placement/Google's vertical sites already.

    Yes, Google is manipulating the search results. Whether algorithmically or manual, some brands have been given carte blanche while others have been dropped into oblivion.

    Penguin was designed to nullify the impact of SEO. And I'm sure it will benefit Google financially one way or another in the long run. That leads to less diversity for Google users, but many are oblivious to what is going on. Most people using Google search will accept anything reasonable that is spoon fed to them.

    Yes, Google is a monopoly with a significant amount of control in a trillion dollar a year industry (e-commerce). However, no politicians have the balls to do anything about it and few people/companies have the capital to go toe to toe with Google in court.
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    I disagree my medical website has 492 search terms on the first two pages of google. I don't pay anything.
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    I would prefer to see some of those sites over a bunch of spun garbage websites. Seems like the algorithms are working correctly.

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    Imagine you were Google and you want to give your users the best possible results. Now, would you return an authority site that had years of building and professionals writing for it, or would you deliver 10 results of type sites...
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    I found a facebook page within the top 10 rankings, try searching logged out of your gmail account.

    Even if I did see the same result as you, why would this be such a problem for you? Are you trying to rank for these keywords? PM me I can get you ranked on page 1 no problem mate.
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    I am in the accommodation provider industry....

    I am finding the likes of Laterooms and Bookingdotcom ranking above the fold where previously this was the territory of independent or directory sites.
    Rather perverse really on the part of google as these Corporations pay heavily for Adwords and they are ranking organically right next to their adwords listings.

    How long till they realise they can begin to reduce their spend on pay per click?

    My sites have dropped down a little (below the fold) but are still getting the daily hits and consequently the income.

    Interestingly I am seeing increased traffic from Bing and Yahoo. This tends to suggest to me that peeps are not happy with google results and are defecting.

    Ironically in this industry the likes of laterooms and the others charge accommodation providers up to 20% commission so will always be more expensive than independent providers as these same providers have to load their rates to appear on these sites. Many punters know this and look for the cheaper options. Basically it means if what they want is not on Page 1 or 2 of G they will go elsewhere..

    Summary......Google is shitting on its own bed.....