Google Dropped Rankings..Penalty

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by eforestal55, Sep 12, 2011.

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    Okay I need some advice.. I had a site that was doing really good. I was in the number 2 position for my main keyword making great income. Then all of a sudden I get booted to page 6...

    Almost 80% of the content was copied content from shared article sites. I also had some keywords whited out at the bottom of some of the post. Meaning the background was white and the text was white... The visitor couldn't see the text, but the google bots can.

    I think the white out/keyword stuffing caused my drop. I have since removed all the white out text but my rankings hasn't returned... I have three questions..

    1. what should I do to return this site to normal and get this penalty off this site
    2. should I abandon this site altogether and start a new one
    3. should I keep working on it, building backlinks and etc.
    4. how long will it take to get this corrected.
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    It's really hard to pin point the cause, as far as it concerns google it could have just been some random google dance...
    Did that happen only when you inserted the keywords in white?
    If that was the cause you can wait and try and get your position back, though most likely soon you won't...
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    Thats for sure a Google -50 penalty, which happened to me and I'm still ranking on Page 5 - Page 6 for last 10 days.

    After a quick Google search I found this article:

    According to it, it says that it is caused due to the over-usage of the same anchor text (like if you are trying to compete for black hat world, at least 70 % of your anchor texts must be black hat world whereas the other 30 % must be a variation)
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    Was this a new site? Were you building a lot of links to it? How long has it been on page 6?

    Don't use keywords like that unless you want to get a penalty. You could fix the site and wait or you could ask for reconsideration. I would fix it and wait a few weeks and see if there are any changes. If not ask for reconsideration.