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    Hello guys, i would like know your opinion about this:
    Im going to do a Google Display Campaign of 5000?, my CPC will be 0,50? . I will get 10000 clicks.
    When visitors click the banners they will go to a landing page for sign up in a financial platform and they will see a offer (if they deposit 500 or 1000$ they get 100% bonus)
    Im realistic, i think 5% of people will fill the sign up form. i will get 500 leads.
    I think 200 leads will be fake and 300 will be real.
    My sales team will call the 300 leads, i think 240 people will ignore our sales team and 60 people will do a deposit of 500 or 1000, lets say just 500.
    60 x 500 = 30000?
    I will invest 5000? and i expect get 30000? in deposit.

    Of course i will do remarketing for the people that enter in the site and didnt fill the sign up form. This can increase the conversion.
    What do you this guys? Is this realistic?