Google Deranked The Shit Out Of YT Videos - Check This Data


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Mar 25, 2014
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I noticed something very interesting today. But I think these changes happened a while ago and I'm just now seeing the larger picture.

I found an old, massive list of keywords I use to track. It's got about 10,000 keywords and at the time, every single keyword had a YT video ranking in the top 5 of Google. It's basically a master list I use anytime I do keyword research. It runs through the list of CB keywords, finds all YT videos ranking in the top 5 and highlights them, then pulls the ranks along with a bunch of other metrics. Then what I'd do is sort by metrics and pounce on untapped keywords.

Long story short, last time I checked this list (I think it was 8 months ago or so) this is what the #'s looked like. These are rough estimates as I highlighted in excel then rounded the numbers in my head.

8 months ago -

1200 YT videos ranking #1
1700 ranking #2
2,200 ranking #3
2,300 ranking #4
2,200 ranking #5

Today I decided to process the list and compare present results to results from 8 months ago. I figured a 10,000 sample size list should be a great representation of any changes Google has made.

What I noticed?

Now -

131 YT videos ranking #1.
260 ranking #2.
600 ranking #3.
1800 ranking #4
2000 ranking #5

Then there are about 3,200 videos ranking between 5-14.
Another 1,500 or so rank "NA" since my bot stops tracking below 14. 8 months ago I didn't have 1 "NA" result.

Anyhow, this was very shocking to see. Because these are (were) some of the most highly sought after CB keywords.

The first thing I thought was, "maybe this is a result of YT cracking down on view sellers". So they can't rank on YT anymore thus they can't rank on G.
Then I thought, "that can't be true because these videos were ranking BEFORE YT started cracking down". Cause the high majority of the videos were 2-3+ months old at the time I checked 8 months ago.

Is it fair to draw from this data that Google substantially devalued YT videos from ranking in the SERPS?

I was well aware about the crack down on fake views but it seems like Google did a double whammy. Take out view sellers AND derank YT videos from the SERPS. So even if spammers manage to get videos to stick, it's going to be 10xs harder just to rank those videos in the SERPS (based on this data).

I *really wish* I tracked other authority platforms. Cause I'm hoping this was a crackdown solely on YT, and not all parasite SEO type projects....



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Dec 2, 2009
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yes i have noticed the same thing
Looks like the preferential treatment they gave youtube, is now coming to an end


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Nov 10, 2012
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You just recently came to this conclusion?

This has been the case for months now.


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Mar 21, 2009
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Interesting find. Its funny because I've noticed that Google is displaying less and less videos on the first page of searches that I perform. I usually want to see what Youtube has to offer when I search for information, but lately I've been having to click the "videos" link on the top bar. Now it makes sense why I've had to do this lately.


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Aug 31, 2010
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yes i have noticed the same thing
Looks like the preferential treatment they gave youtube, is now coming to an end

I noticed the same thing with many CB products but it is certainly not coming to an end it's still there for people to take advantage of it and get your videos on top :)


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Sep 3, 2012
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I've never been too big into youtube, I've ranked a vid or two, that's bout it.

But this isn't surprising at all. A few years ago, video BECAME HOT! Video was the new thing and everybody was into it, not just marketers.

Youtube is fully established and video is standard now. Unless the query is one that naturally calls for a video to appear high in the serps then I can see video appearing less and less.

In addition to that I expect APPS to start appearing more and more high up in the serps.