Google denies 'content farms' custom search algorithm

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    By Bauke Schievink Friday, February 25, 2011 11:31

    Google has adapted its search algorithm to sites that contain little or no original content, lower in the search results to show. The innovations would almost twelve percent of the search results have changed.

    The adjustments are intended to websites that try to manipulate Google's search engine with irrelevant content, called content farms no longer top the list of search results to appear. According to Google, some sites are mainly content copy now assigned a lower ranking. Many sites that produce their own content to increase contrast in the list, what to make search results more relevant.

    Previously, Go*gle has an extension for the Chrome browser that allows search results to remove. The new search algorithm does not use the information that Google gets this in, but the search giant has 84 percent of the most frequently deleted in Chrome Google search a lower-ranking received.

    Google previously promised a tougher approach to irrelevant websites that post content to rank high in the results list. The changes to the search algorithm, first introduced in the United States, after a roll in the rest of the world follows.