google deindexing pages on a new website


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Nov 21, 2023
hey guys. i am new to website making and seo. i started a website at the end of december which only has ai-generated content and it was steadily growing and getting clicks from google but at the start of february i noticed that google started deindexing my website's pages. it fell from 212 indexed pages to 143 indexed pages in a day and since then it has only been falling. currently gsc shows that google has 117 indexed pages and the number of unindexed pages is greater than the number of indexed pages.

the clicks and impressions have also taken a hit.

i have not done any major backlinks campaign or anything like that on the domain. got around 3 - 4 links and google seems to only have 2 in their database (as i can see in gsc). one of the links is from wikipedia and one is a low-quality link i got from fiverr (noob mistake) which i would like to remove but google is not letting me disavow it as of now.

i wanted to ask if this behavior is normal for a new website and if my website will be fine in the long run and if i should invest into backlinks for this website at this point or no.

here are a couple screenshots from gsc:


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No. It really isn't. I have tried like a dozen methods to solve this but nothing worked. So, I am clueless about getting re-indexed. Google may sometimes re-index automatically but it is not that common.
so all i can do is keep making new posts in order to increase traffic?
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