Google DE-INDEX: How'd they do it????

id be willing to pay good money to know how to get a page deindexed

they slandered one of my companies and then tried to extort money out of me to get it taken down

check out to see what im talking about
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im thinking you're pretty close imfreak88... i've heard that google will de-index attempted google bombs, however, that is a dangerous technique because you can find yourself promoting the site you're trying to de-index.

i have heard of methods where you can make Google think that the site you are linking to is actually malware. the theory is you build a lot of backlinks with similar content as the page you're trying to take down, all pointed to malware sites..... if someone actually KNOWS how to implement this technique please let me know.
bumping this thread in hope someone has some insight as to how to do this....
On a side note, this guy is well known and he's a crook? wtf?? where are the criminal charges?
Granted, the OP was a few days ago, but it's showing as indexed for me with:

site:www*ripoffreport*com david amron
Possible solution is that they PAID money to ripreport and requested this.

Another idea about the malware thing is: If you can post a link through comment or profile link on this page, then google may mark it as malware site.. just a guess not sure about this
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