Google Dance And your SEO practice

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    Jul 12, 2011
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    i recently started a site 2 week before for low compititive keyword "buy Pinterest Followers"

    1st week :-
    i did optimisation of my site with on site SEO as you all suggested in BHW.

    2nd week
    i did huge social bookmarking
    huge profile links, tire 1 and tire 2
    some contextual links
    wiki link 1000+

    now i got ranked in
    keyword 1 "buy pinterest followers"
    Yahoo :- 4
    bing :- 5
    google (Dancing) :- 3-22

    keywordd 2 "buy pinterest repins"
    yahoo 1
    bing 1
    google (dancing ) 4-10

    keyword 3 "buy pinterest likes"
    yahoo 1
    bing 1
    google (dancing) 7-16

    can any one advise me, what should be my next step to get high rank on google, while dancing.

    what will be best practise do get desire rank for my keywords,

    Help Needed.