google crawling pages that have not been created?

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    ok so nearly a month ago my site disapeared from serps it was page 1 and was a really new site like 3 weeks old only ever built high pr backlinks including articles,directorys,press releases, bookmarks ect no blasts or excessive link building think may be google dance and a few other people on this forum have suggest it would be this also as its a new site all my onpage seo is fine and no linking to bad neighbor hoods or dupe content so im not 100% sure if its penalty or not but i dont think it is ever since then google crawls my site alot daily but i keep seeing it crawl stats like this

    wtf is this? when i put the url in my browser it just comes up with

    "Sorry, the page your requested could not be found, or no longer exists"

    note it is a wordpress site so im thinking maybe something to do with theme or something "elegant theme"

    so i have 3 questions

    1. is this why im not appearing in search results no more? maybe google thinks broken links? is google finding these pages there are no links to these pages as i have not created the page in the firstplace

    3. if this is bad how do i fix like create re-directs for each page?