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    This might be useless to people located in the US but could be interesting for others.

    Maybe you came across the following problem:
    You want to see the US search results for some phrase but Google keeps redirecting you to your countrys version of itself.

    First thing to know are the following parameters of google:
    • q = the search phrase
    • pws = presonalized search (might want to turn this off)
    • hl = language
    • gl = country

    Let's take the phrase "best restaurants" for an example.
    A normal search URL would be
    This will redirect you in most of the cases. Now try it with the following:
    Still redirects. Let's try it with the New Zealand version for comparison:
    This seems to be working. But still, with the .com domain it redirects you

    Now when you look at the domain where it redirects you to you might see the following parameter:

    I did a bit of research and seems this means something like "google webserver redirect", and I guess cr means something like "country redirect"

    Now try adding this parameter in your initial URL like this:
    Now it shouldn't redirect you anymore and show you the US results for "best restaurants".

    I think Google checks for this parameter and if it's set already it thinks that a country redirect has been done already and therefor doesn't do it anymore.

    Maybe someone finds this useful.
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    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!