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    1. Budget is $35 (including the $5 registration fee) for each account
    2. I will only pay if the account is 100% approved, registered and able to upload applications

    We will need 1-10 working accounts!


    1. Create an brand new Google Account with username that`s never been used and related to other email.
    2. Go to the Chrome WebStore, sign in with the new Google Account
    3. Click on the gear symbol and go to the Developer Dashboard and pay the US$ 5.00 developer fee
    "A one-time developer registration fee of US$5.00 is required to verify your account and publish items"

    4. Use your own and unique credit card (credit card that has not been registered for a Chrome WebStore Account before)
    5. You will need to pay for the registration fee of $5 by yourself using Google Wallet
    5. Once Google verified and approved your purchase you are good to go.
    6. You need to provide me a screenshot that prove the registration is approved and send me the login details, I will release the payment to you when the account is verified by me. If the registration fails, the 5 dollar will not be charged to you and the account is not verified = useless for me. You cannot loose any money.

    GMail >>> annareiter147 <<<

    Paying via Bitcoin or Paypal or anything you want!