Google captcha requests for personal web browsing?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by schleprock, Mar 19, 2016.

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    Is anyone getting captcha requests from Google during regular web browsing. I do tons of research online so I am pretty fast at it. I am also getting captcha requests sometimes.

    Is this because my machine has been flagged for bot activity and now G is sensitive to me or is it because they have really lowered the threshold for what looks like bot activity.

    I use proxies for all my bot activity. KW research, SERP queries, etc

    Do they know the number of threads (if that is what it is) coming out of a machine? Can that trigger this sort of thing?

    It is kind of a dumb a*s question but I would like to know. Or at least formulate a working theory. I read a few authority sites comments on this and it was straight from Google mouth, so I question its credibility.

    My computer scans don't show any malware or other things. On the other hand, I only turn off my machine for updates so it would make a great slave to someone who knew how to avoid a malware scan.

    I also use Private Internet Access (vpn) when downloading. Oddly enough, I cannot recall a time when I have been asked for captcha when that was on. Maybe I am flagged, or does Google not really know all this stuff.

    Would having several (sometimes 15 or 20, occassionally more) tabs in Firefox, each going to a different website, contribute to this? When I research a new topic to write about for my site I like to know what the competition is saying so I can say it better, or at least try to.
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    I frequently get Google captcha when using advanced operators for searches. How quickly depends on the operator. With some operators I get about three searches before a captcha is thrown. Quite often this happens when I scroll down a page and move to the next page when using advance operators.
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    Yes, when you use operators and start doing a ton of queries, you might get the captcha. I got it a couple weeks ago. It will go away eventually as long as you aren't automating and you back off for a bit.

    It's supposed to stop automation, but it happens if I start querying one after the other even manually.
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