Google Break Dance !!! It works , its free

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    Redirect Visitor from Google images to the right page Post to Google Plugin Break Dance.

    Download free from wordpress plugin comunity as "google break dance"

    bit ly/107Odyr

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    Plugin about it

    This plugin use eggs for special use Indonesia Publisher Community and anyone hahaha ....

    When visitors click on the link "View Original Image" in Google's image search page URL gambarnyanya then be routed / direct Redirect page Post where image is located. in addition to the automatic plugin image in Google image search page will ter-watermark:


    • Automatic Redirect full size images, medium, smalll to post
    • Adding Watermark posted on google image search ( see )
    • watermark image cache to minimize cpu usage (location: / wp-content/gbd_cache)
    • Google Image Frame Breaker for Europe
    • GBD htaccess Editor ( see )
    • Not Redirect image to a post if that access is a BOT (Googlebot, Bingbot, slurp, etc. ..) so that the image can be in the index by Bot.
    • No redirect if no Referer
    Last Change


    • The addition of the watermark image cache to minimize cpu usage

    • new features, the watermark image posted on google search
    • Auto edit htaccess when activated
    • GBD added htaccess Editor
    • fix the browser cache
    Brief Instruction

    • No need to edit the file. Htaccess because it will automatically but if it had been edited. Htaccess before then be sure to be like below

    Hope you like it !!!

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    is there anything for Blogger. i'm not sure i know how to, or even if there is, a Htaccess file