Google Approved Over 50% of User Submitted Spam Requests in 2016

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    Looks like those disavow files are working. Free crowsdsourced link penalties to bastards

    Top Webspam Trends in 2016

    • Website security: There was a 32% increase compared to 2015.
    • Beyond webspam: “We saw a lot of webmasters affected by social engineering, unwanted software, and unwanted ad injectors”
    • Mobile webspam: Due to the increase in mobile browsing, there was a rise in spam targeting mobile users. The spam is usually unwanted redirects.
    How Google Fought Spam
    • Made multiple algorithm improvements, included making Penguin part of the core algorithm.
    • Manually sent 9 million messages to webmasters to notify them of webspam issues on their sites.
    • Started sending more security notifications via Google Analytics.
    • Took manual action on over 10,000 sites that had structured data markup which did not meet Google’s quality guidelines.
    How Google Worked With The Community
    • Received 180,000 user-submitted spam reports in 2016, 52% of them were confirmed to be spam.
    • Conducted more than 170 online office hours and live events around the world.
    • Provided support to website owners through the Webmaster Help Forums in 15 languages
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    Using crowdsource efforts... and not paying a dime for them!