google annihilation is live!


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Dec 14, 2008
hi everyone,

I receive an email saying that google annihilation is live and ready to help us make money.

Can someone tell us about the service? Is it worth to get it?


If you go to close out the site you get this (or I did at least)

Connecting to Agent...

You have been connected to Anni

Anni Says:Hey Wait! I have just been authorized to offer you a 7 day trial with full access for just $4.95 instead of the normal $37. To take advantage of this special today only offer just CLICK HERE

Anni Says:And with our 60 day Money Back Guarantee you can purchase with confidence, if you don't make money we will refund the full purchase price! That's how sure we are Google Annihilation program will work for you!

Anni Says:When you are ready, just say 'Hi' and we can get started...

Anni Says:Remember! This offer will NOT be available tomorrow for the special launch we are offering a trial price of just $4.95! To take advantage of this last minute discount just CLICK HERE.

I bought Benwell's stuff before and it is good. I just have no desire to spend $37 a month. I have a $19 a month service I am already thinking about ditching. Pay 20 a month for aweber, you know? You start signing up for all these monthly membership things and it sucks the money right out of you.
I have had a look inside, a client just bought it and I told him to get a refund straight away.

It is a private label version of (I looked inside both and they are identical) and limits you to 30 sites PR3 and under with unlimited PR4 and above.

IMHO there are much better linking things like this on the market.

AND is only $27 a month.
Google Annihilation is nothing interesting, like xxkixx said it's just a 3 way mini-link-farm. The website is full of spelling mistakes and I doubt the code of the script is that efficient.

Overall, don't bother.
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