Google Analytics Real-Time and Google Analytics Premium rolling out now

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    Have you heard about new Google Analytics? Good stuff. I like it.


    Yesterday evening Google launched its Google Analytics Real-Time reports that allow you to view your site statistics as they come in. This new product will allow you to see active visitors on the site and measure the real-time response to social media. Google is also today launching the new Google Analytics Premium product, which is targeted at enterprise customers.
    With instant statistics you can see the effects of a Tweet on your site traffic and get a real idea of how the click-throughs from your posts on social networks help you to drive traffic to your site. You can also use Real-Time to measure the tracking of campaigns to your site so that you can track them accurately.

    The Real-Time product is located in the Dashboard tab but will be moving out to the home tab when the new Google Analytics interface rolls out next week. The ‘New Version' link in the top right corner of your Analytics panel will activate it if you are the Administrator.
    Google has also launched Google Analytics Premium, offering more expansive data, more tools to measure that data and dedicated support. This enterprise-targeted service will give you increased data collection and experts that will guide you through installation. There is also 24/7 support and performance guarantees.