Google Analytics issues since mid October 2016

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    I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this, and/or can assist. We have several website clients in various parts of the world who's Google Analytics referrals have dropped tremendously at the same time (around mid October). No coding on the sites had been changed, and we've even done testing to see if referrals are getting listed.

    We've even set up links to their site on a test url to see if Google Analytics is recording the url as a referral. As part of the test clicked on two of the sites through a VPN - Hide My Ass (changing IPs, clearing cookies, etc.) to look at the stats the next day. Five clicks were done for each site, but only one referral showed up in the Google Analytics, so now one client is even concerned that clicks from anyone using a VPN won't record.

    Has anyone else had this issue? Did Google make some change that would affect referrals showing up properly?

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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    I had a problem with my analytics where it was counting visitors twice, I fixed it by removing the code from my site, clearing cache and putting the code back

    this is probably an obvious solution but something to try if you haven't already