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    Sorry if this is wrong place for this question, but anyway.

    I am doing what i should of done ages ago and trying to find what traffic converts the best for me. The thing I want to track is, traffic from which referrers and keywords click my affiliate link the most. To achieve this I am using google analytics goals.

    I currently redirect a page to my affiliate link e.g. redirects to my clickbank link. However if I set the page as a goal in google analytics it doesn't register any visitors as it redirects instantly to the affiliate link.

    So now I changed the goal to be the page which has the link to the redirected affiliate link (if you see what I mean) and that does register but it still wont tell me how many actually click the affiliate link.

    In short: Any ideas how I could set my blog/google analytics goals so I can track which keywords/referreres give me the traffic which clicks my affiliate link the most often.

    Hope this makes sense.