Google Analytics and Ad Blockers. Server 2 Server?

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    Hi guys,

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum, I really couldn't find any that it would fit it.

    So I'm about to set up my first site and I've had a bit of experience with web development anyway, and this is a question that bothered me for almost years now.
    I have uBlock origin installed. One of the standard filters includes a 100% block of Google Analytics.
    That means a lot of people simply aren't logged for sites relying on GA!

    And the thing is, this could easily be avoided. I always found it cringeworthy that you had to rely on the client to send a request to GA himself.
    So I googled and found out that GA now offers a solution, which is the Measurement Protocol (can't post a link to the API yet, just google it)!

    Having installed Yoast's GA plugin for Wordpress, I wondered why it wouldn't offer sending everything via that Protocol. In fact, I was wondering why ANYONE still uses GA via a client JS.

    Do any of you have an explaination for this? Maybe I'm wrong and most sites already use it? Is there a Wordpress plugin?