GOogle Adwords Landing Page Quality Score Tips


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Aug 20, 2010
I Want To Make A LAnding Page That Will Get Me Good QS
I Decided To Create A Lens On Squidoo For My Landing Page.

Google Wants No Duplicate COntent - YOur Landing Page Must Not Have Duplicate Content What I Do Is Add A Couple Of Articles For A Certain Keyword

Google Also Doesnt want affiliate links or adsense - mask links and remove adsense is there anything i should know of thanks
what i did was created a blogger blog and posted like 10-15 spunned articles on there...made a spun review of the product and made a page with the offer itself as my LP.

I ran on content network not search, so i did not have to deal with QS.

thats all i have from experience...hope that helps ;)
can u post many articles on your site this way you dont have to deal duplicate content.
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my ads are still pending review so i have to make changes before monday before they review and assign a qs of 1.
you can post as many articles, but make sure you spin them so its considered unique
what doe it mean post the author and website of the article and how about links is there a limit or cloak them
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