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Google Ads & LP for Nexus One... 10/10 Quality Score?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by ..Q.., Jan 14, 2010.

  1. ..Q..

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    Apr 18, 2008
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    Content Network Infiltrator
    All Your Content Impressions Are Belong to Nexus One
    Jan 12
    Adwords content advertisers might be left wondering 
    where all their impressions disappeared to today.  
    That impression vacuum?  It?s Google bogarting a large 
    portion of their content network with Nexus One display ads.
    This morning, Adsense publishers were reporting a dramatic 
    drop in Adsense clicks and revenue.
    Sadly, many of the sites brandishing Nexus ads weren?t 
    exactly tech-related?
    Have a cooking site?  Google thinks the Nexus One ads are 
    a perfect fit for your visitors.  Soccer fan site?  Here?s some 
    Nexus One for you too.
    But if you?re a content advertiser looking to advertise pots 
    and pans on cooking sites?  Sorry, no impressions left?
    Obviously, search impressions are Google?s to do with what 
    they please, but publisher inventory is a bit different.
    Given Google?s big push towards making advertisers provide 
    a more ?magazine content-style landing experience?, it?s 
    with keen interest that we examine Google?s Nexus One 
    landing page:
    10/10 Quality Score?  As we can see here, the user 
    experience is nicely augmented here by the volumes of 
    valuable ?magazine-style? content.
    To be fair, Google has a nice little click-to-learn-more 
    interface on the phone and a 3D tour to boot.  Hopefully 
    they were just kidding about the amount of content and 
    navigation they?ve been asking advertisers to incorporate 
    on their landing pages at the expense of conversions.
    It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  Chrome 
    ads are also around, but not in anywhere near the volume 
    of the Nexus One units.
    Some have also noted the mantra of the ?clean Google 
    search page? has undergone some adjustment:
    At least Adsense pubs can take solace in knowing that the 
    ads are good enough for Google.com, so they should be 
    good enough for them.
    Hopefully this is just a one or two day push and when 
    they?re done perhaps Google?s advertisers can have the 
    content network back.