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Mar 4, 2022
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I have several accounts and none of them have mobile previewing. Only desktop. Has anyone encountered this problem?
Also, I would like to ask if anyone know a solution how I can watch mobile previews in different countries and click on them. Because the google built-in preview tool is not able to let me click on the ad and see the advertiser's website. Is there a special website for this? I'm especially interested in the mobile view. So I need a tool where if I type in a keyword and set it to Italy/Italian language, for example, I can see the ad and click on it. Thanks


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there's no Such tool For google ads, you Can try google ads library Once I hope this is the tool you are looking for. and if you wanna see other advertisers facebook ads you can use fb ads library where you can spy the advertisers and keep an eye on.
You need to have VPN for that so that you can click on the ads.

If you want to see only preview then try with
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