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    "Google is influencing economy by the way advertisements are ranked right now: the more a company pays, the more often will the add be visible. Google answers that result from queries are also already ranked when searches are conducted: Indeed we believe it cannot avoid ranking companies higher in the future who pay for such improved ranking: Google is responsible to stockholders to increase the company?s value. Google is of course doing this already for ads.

    Since most material that is written today is based on Google and Wikipedia, if those two do not reflect reality, the picture we are getting through ?googeling reality? as Stephan Weber calls it, is not reality, but the Google-Wikipedia version of reality. There are strong indications that Google and Wikipedia cooperate: some sample statistics show that random selected entries in Wikipedia are consistently rated higher in Google than in other search engines."

    (from the Report on dangers and opportunities posed by large search engines, particularly Google
    by H. Maurer, Co-author, editor and responsible for the project, Institute for Information Systems and Computer Media, Graz University of Technology)

    Any comments?
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    Its a very true thing. I wrote a blog about this matter after the 1st panda update. Where most of the sites were affected due to crappy contents. But the site who have Adword ads and are well know companies were not affected slightly. This was the burning proof that Google loves brands. And that means invest in Google.
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    Or maybe they just didn't have to rely on blackhat seo tactics in order to rank well. correlation/causation...etc.