Google 11-14-13 Update exploded my Impressions on MNS site (WTF?!)

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    ​Ok now that few days passed and everything is stabilised time to throw in some results and maybe you can figure out what really happens on the 14th of November. Firstly everything Moz Said on their post is a comlpete joke and nothing to do with what I experienced, I have no idea how the reach these conclusions maybe I am missing something but their statement in how Small players fall, and big boys benefited is nothing close to what I experienced with one of my MNS sites, quiet the contrary my impressions increased dramatically for sort tail keywords (part of my long tail one), a keyword I wouldnt even dream of touching.

    Ok so I run an MNS for a very heavy home appliance keyword, for the shake of this example lets assume a long tail version of the keyword "electric cookers"

    2 months ago I climbed on page one rank 1 and 2 for 9 different keywords by buying some of the services from this forum (the MNS is outsourced from this forum as well so thanks guys :D). I passed on SERPs companies such as Whirlpool, Samsung, LG just to name a few so I thought this is a quick cash in-out situation but I am still there so far so good.

    Now to the weird stuff. On November the 14th my web site impressions increased by 83,233% on the keyword "electric cooker" and "electric cookers" (remember this is just an example and not the actual keyword) total of 60,000 impressions in a day. So not the long tail one I target but the short tail one I wouldn't even dare to touch. Also all targeted long tail keywords ranked on page one and pushed my impressions sky high.


    ​So how is this possible? I found out that majority of this traffic was generated from Google Images, as Google decided to rank all my pictures between #1-#20 for the short tail keywords as mentioned with the cooker example above.

    Wether or not Google focused on boosting Unique Image/content, the algorithm is shit and totally random, Google decided to boost black hat MNS sites, or anything else I really do not know but will monitor and report back should this change in the near future.

    Did anyone else experienced something similar with their MNS?

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    Offtopic , but what exactly is mns ? Can't seem to find with search , Thanks
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