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Good way to drive traffic to my youtube video?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Mollowbass, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. Mollowbass

    Mollowbass Regular Member

    Mar 29, 2009
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    Hell folks, mollowbass again with a question.

    I have tried to figure out how to get some traffic to my youtube videos.
    I read alot on this forum and the methodes I am using right now
    to drive traffic to my video are:

    1. Make my video (random populair music I like, and most people right now) a videoresponds on already videos with heavy traffic in the hope to get my video in the videorespondses bar.

    2. Digg all my videos with some of the text I used in the description of my video.

    3. Place some comments on heavy traffic videos where people can get LYRICS and DOWNLOADLINK of the song. With the link to my video

    e.x. watch?v=6uwQnGzGBvU

    4. Not doing right now, but wanna register on some heavy traffic music forums boards and search for the SONG I want to promote on youtube and reply to all the thread with where they can get LYRICS and the DOWNLOADLINK. Might work out.

    **** MAIN GOAL *****

    In my video they can download the song, ofcourse the song is hosted on a GET PAID TO DOWNLOAD host. So I will get 1 cent for every download. The main goal is to get my video highly ranked in the SE of Google and YouTube ofcourse and make some decent static income.

    I want to do this with a couple of videos and if my calculations are right I want to achieve a static income for 1 month or more for several 10's of videos. So that I will get damn much downloads...


    I know of myself that Limewire can suck realy hard, and if you want to download a paticulair song, and you search on google most times you will get crap songs, or songs with advertisments..
    So I want to use this to give people the direct download link to the right song.. So I did the hard work and they just have to give a search on YouTube and click my video and they can download from then right away..

    **** THE QUESTION ****

    Are there some more great tactics to use to get more quality targetted traffic to my video and rank up the videocount and rank up in the SE and YouTube SE?

    Kind Regards,

    (sorry for the large post, but might help some people out or give some tricks to other people that I use)