Good Timely Tips For SEO Backlink Sellers - That Want to be Great and Wealthy

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    I have been at this forum now for many years and I have witnessed some some great Seo services, and some lousy ones. People have made hundreds of thousands selling services here and I cannot help but notice how the successful providers have some similarities in customer service. First, many here do not really know me, and I kind of like it like that. Some customer service wisdoms are learned through trial and error and some of the tips given would probably increase your bank account.

    1 - People always say the customer is always right, but in my days running thriving retail stores tested my patience to the limit. Many customers are morons and some lack basic common sense, i used to think. Then one day I came across an elder Chinese gentleman seeking to open his 5th restaurant. By nature I am observant and always willing to learn. I asked him how he could manage to run five stores and I was struggling to cope with two thriving ones. He said Ray:

    You have to love what you do

    You have to love money

    And you have to do what you do the right and better way.

    You'll get very rich if you master those 3. Mind you, I was going to be his landlord and here he was giving me wise advice.

    2 - Many backlink providers here, over sell and under deliver in performance metrics. If you keep looking for new customers, your business would not thrive substantially. You make more money when you deliver great results. I have bought many services here, and only once or twice did I get an email from one of the providers thanking me for the purchase and explaining why the rankings did not go up as he was expecting. Do you know how that made me feel? People like to be appreciated, and if you can incorporate that style into your business model, you'll be successful. In a nutshell, pay careful attention to the customers that have given you money and make sure you go all out to give them great results.

    3 - You have to know your business, and some of the sales copies I see make me laugh out loud. If you're charging a low price don't insult your customers intelligence by saying you're using fresh content. Even if you have low paid workers doing your writings, the numbers will not add up, so you're probably using spun content. If that's what you're offering, say it out up-front, so people know what they're getting. So in a nutshell, try to be as truthful as you can in your sales copy. You might get some of the newbie's to fall for your offering, but the people that would make you money will be turned off by your obvious lies.

    4 - After you've delivered the backlinks take some time to analyze the sites results that your handled. Trust me, most providers do not see the merit in doing this step. Truly look at the results and see if what you did actually helped the customers site. Next, create a small email and let your customers know what your think. If they ranked, explain how you went way beyond the regular deal to deliver great results. If they did not rank, find a plausible explanation for why and please do not bull shit with "fluff jargons" like on-site page optimization confusion. Just by reaching out and discussing your prior customers results would set you apart from other providers.

    5 - Those emails you have seating at the mailing services, can be better utilized. I sold cars in my teen years, and I learned that customers rarely buy based on price, but they would gladly give you more money based on how you make them feel. When you make people feel good, price would not be an issue if they can afford it, in fact some would try everything within their power to afford it. Some of you might be thinking how can I make my customers feel good when we're all in a virtual world. You can think outside the box and do the following:

    Ask for every customers date of birth during your transaction phase. You can tell them we treat our customers with surprises on those days. You already have a lot of data include it on your selling form. Just the date and the month would suffice. A week before their birthday, send the customer a well created email wishing them well as they age, and ask them to watch-out for your email on that special day. 24 hours before that day, create another email and offer them something for free. Come up with something free to give them. Give them something from your services and call it a gift. You're creating an emotional connection and when that gets strong enough, they would buy more stuff from you without much regard for price. When people like you and trust you, they would tell more people like them. When people hate you because you played fast and lose with the facts and you cheated them, they would find ways to get due revenge, including telling everyone they come in contact with.

    6 - You need to know your business well. Some here have no clue that Google has moved on and changed the ranking perimeters. I can tell because many are still offering same old links types that would not move your website much, and even if it did expect ranking drop in a few months time. You need to conduct genuine test to see what will rank your own sites and then deliver those same results to customers.

    I could go on and on... but the few wise ones get the gist of what I am saying.

    On a side note: My hope is that someone would start thinking outside the box and come up with ways to be different from the other SEO providers. Very few have WOW customer service, but please keep doing what you're doing if it works for you. For those that want to be great in what they do, they'll find ways to create more engaging value for the customer and by so doing, will create better opportunities for more sales and wealth.
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    that was a long post, maybe try posting a little more often with your in sites

    1 - as with all services across most forums there will be the good the bad
    thats how it goes, it pays to research who you buy from, maybe pm some buyers
    from a seller your interested in, feedback from a buyer is better than from the seller.

    2 - i wouldnt say customers are morons , i would however say that small % will always
    test your patients , some will always want to pay less and demand more from you in
    return even if your the best at what you do, patients, sadly i have none.

    3 - in 5 yrs selling on bhw i have never asked a buyers D.O.B and in 5 yrs ive never
    done a single refund, because what i do has never failed. ever. period.
    personally if i asked a buyer his DOB he might think im gay or a stalker.

    overall not a bad post - but where not all stupid - some of us earned our
    striped the long hard road way. deliver what you promise but dont let people
    take advantage of your good nature ..
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    The date of birth will in no way make them think you're gay. You ask for first and last name. most ask for address - which is even more personal. You need positive engagement with your prior customers, that was all I was trying to convey. But if you're already making enough money with your present system, please by all means continue.

    You might want to try this simple experiment: Send an email to all your prior customers and ask them what they thought about your service and what they think you could have done better. The responses would surprise you!