Good seoer,can earn 3000-80000USD per month from our company,you can?

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    We are a trading company from China specializing in clothing, electronic products
    More than 10 years of sales experience, customers from all countries of the global
    we really to find some SEO experts with Part-time workers and cooperation In order to meet company needs.
    1:Ranking of SEO GOOGLE has some experience
    2: promote the site to GOOGLE Home quickly
    3: you Responsible for Extension keywords of the products web to GOOGLE Home (such ugg boots,jordan shoes,ghd)
    Company to complete the other work (selection of products, collect product information, construction sites, sorting orders, Delivery, after-sale service)
    1: Company bring the Luxury product with latest and most popular information to share with you
    2: In accordance with your request. To provide you with a complete product site
    3:if enough of your skills and speed,we will give you the commission according to your achievement (5000-10000USD/month. we will transfer money to you by paypal and western union)
    4: We already cooperation with three experts from the United States more than 1 year and very happy!
    5: good faith cooperation, you're the one!

    SEO Cooperate fortune contact info:
    if you have insterst, pls leave you contact info, i will contact asap!