Good Netbooks ?

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    May 5, 2010
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    I've searched Amazon and eBay to find some cheap Netbooks, I just don't know ALOT about them.

    I have about ~$500 to spend on one.

    I'd like to have:
    Windows 7
    2GB of RAM, most only offer 1GB of RAM
    At least 1.6GHz Processor
    AT LEAST 6 hours of battery life.
    150 GB Hard Drive
    10.x inches or less. Don't wanna carry around a brick.

    Built-In Webcam
    DECENT graphics card
    Windows Office or Works

    These are the ones I've been looking at:

    I've been thinking about buying that, then putting $50 in with this 2 GB RAM.

    A friend that usually consults me is in a different country, so any help on here would be much appreciated. I'll give thanks to anyone with helpful suggestions, I just don't know much about computers, especially netbooks.
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    I am on my 2nd eeePC and I love it. I imagine I'll stick with them. Aside from the RAM, mine fits your list of requirements easily. I have a 250G HD, 1.67 Processor, up to 11 hours of battery life (depends on what I'm doing. If I turn off the battery drain stuff and just read ebooks it lasts forever. If I watch movies or surf the net it's shorter. 6 hours is easy though as long as you aren't going nuts with the apps.), built in webcam, 10", 1kilo weight (with cord). Plus, the keyboard is the best I tried with a netbook. It's one of the biggest for the size and nothing is laid out weird.

    My friend just got a Toshiba and *hated* it. Sent it back within 72 hours. Something about the keyboard.

    This is pretty much what I have but I have it in red.

    One thing you need to be aware of with netbooks is many have a max resolution of 1024X600. This is a problem with some programs including scrapebox and adobe. My graphics card did not support 1024x800 res for Win7 so I had to install the XP driver. Works fine but you have to scroll up and down. This will be a common problem so read the tech forums for whatever you choose before you buy so you know how to fix it if you plan on using programs which require higher res.

    Good luck!

    BTW - with my 1G Ram I have never had a problem. I can run excel, FF, photoshop ad other apps all at once and don't really notice a slow-down.