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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by rankjuice, Jul 27, 2012.

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    Since I am currently low on funds (I have a 6 week old son that I spend all my money on) I have no longer got much money to invest into my online ventures. I have most of the main tools (sb, ud, amr) so I can do most of the backlinking myself but I struggle when I need High PR links. I simply can not afford them.

    My idea is to set up around 50 web 2.0s and create website review sites with some of them and make some niche related and blast them with high pr blog comments using scrapebox to hopefully gain a high PR. Thus creating a high PR blog network using web 2.0s

    Would this work? Worth doing if you have no money?

    Advice please people :)
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    Web 2.0 networks are a great cheap way to build your rankings even if you have access to high PR links. Right now my web 2.0 network is about 4000 sites and can rank tons of stuff on its own. Its definitely worth doing. Start small and build slowly until you get the hang of it. Remember to use your own network to build other sites within that web 2.0 network. It also enables you to "own" your backlinks so if a penalty or something where to happen you can just go in and remove the links.
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    The thing you have to fight with 2.0 networks is them getting deleted. For this reason try to have not only unique content but also at least close to readable so that they wont get deleted as fast. Spun unreadable ones still work for tier 2 backlinks quite well though imo.