Good friend needs advice on getting a job

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    Hey guys,

    Unusual thread here. And its about one of my best friends.

    Im a full time DJ from the uk, and im learning IM passionately so when i finish my career as a DJ (unfortunately us DJ's have a short career life span) i can live off IM. Im putting in pretty much full time IM hours at the moment, as being a DJ means i work nights, and short hours, for reasonably large pay - leaving the most of my days free for IM. I wont need to rely on IM for another 10 years or so i hope, as i bloody love my job! But a extra income stream would not hurt while im still a DJ ;) (the reason im telling you about me is so you understand that i cant simply give him a job in IM, or teach him IM as im still learning myself)

    Anyway enough about me, about my friend. We met at university and have remained really close since. He is 23 and for the life of him cannot find a job, at all, any job, any type, just full time - and im at a total loss as to why.

    To give you an idea about this. He is a well educated, well spoken, well groomed man. A basically wholly decent bloke - so he isnt some chav or redneck...

    He has got a 2.2 Honors Degree in marketing and business administration, and has been searching for a job for about 6 months now. He has past experience in retail and data entry with a excellent set of references... The employment situation in the UK is terrible at the moment as im sure your aware. But there are jobs out there, he just isn't even getting interviews to prove himself to them face to face.

    Obviously this is very frustrating for him, is putting a strain on his relationship (his gf is still at uni and he is living with his mom at home), and is generally getting him depressed. Im genunily worried for the guy - and that's why im posting here.

    He is trying like mad to get a job, even stacking shelves in ASDA (Walmart for you lot across the pond!),general factory work, anything except commission only sales basically.. and nothing is working for him...

    I was hoping some of you on BHW had any kind of advice - AT ALL, on any stage of the job hunting process that could help increase his chances. Anything that has worked for you in the past? What you look for when your reading resume's to get people in for a interview? Novel ways of getting past the huge piles of resumes? anything guys :)

    If not any support for him would be great. I know BHW has some masters of business on here, i feel so proud to be part of this community that just keeps on giving. I love you BHW!

    Thanks And Peace