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    Hi all!

    It was either here or The Lounge.

    Check out this site that I just happened to come across this morning:
    Basically, its a membership site for $100 per month with a very narrow niche focus that probably took a weekend to set up. Clearly, its targeted to business people new to IM, but with this concept, he could do a weeks worth of online reading/ scanning, come up with a few months worth of content for the course, market it through this doorway site and walk off with $2-300 or more from each sign-up.

    This is the way its done!

    Just thought I would pass this along as a really good example of making a sizable income from really limited effort. The course is obviously auto-responder based. All he has to do is drop in on the forum discussions from time to time and he's got these people hooked for months. Something to think on.

    Anyone have other examples, please feel free to post in this thread or your own. I think having concrete examples of well executed methods is just as useful as theoretical discussions of various "methods".

    Cheers! :)
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