Good Evening to the World of Black Hat.

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    Hello to my fellow BlackHatters.

    Recently this community has grasped my attention and imagination; there are so many things the world of black hat has to offer. I've found myself enthused by some of the ingenious methods posted here. Being a lurker for quite some time, I finally decided to join the site. I am looking forward to adding quality posts, learning more methods in detail, and hopefully eventually creating some strategies of my own.

    I'm impressed with the fact that with enough time and dedication, IM can bring in $100 or more a day. This is my current goal, and have recently discovered my niche. I may try more niche's later, but for now I am in the process of starting a review blog. Using backlinking and AdSense, as well as some Amazon sales from this blog should eventually lead to a decent amount of profit. I'm using Meathead's whitehat strategy for noobs. Eventually I'll move on to something bigger, but I'd like something that has a bit of (near) instant gratification to get myself feeling motivated.

    About me; I am an artist, so I like to have as much time as possible to study and pursue my dreams. Obviously art is something that can be rather expensive to maintain, and doesn't bring in much income unless you are extremely popular in the field. It is my dream to own several houses; one near the beach, one in a city, and one (perhaps all) which have an extensive library. Music is something that inspires me.

    Recently I lost pretty much all of my possessions, and am looking forward to having the opportunity to get new ones within the next year. For a while I didn't even have a laptop; just a cell phone, ideas, and the clothing on my back. It will be nice to have new tools to work with. I've made a decent amount of money writing SEO articles throughout the day. However, this is becoming quite tedious. I feel I can do better.