Good eBook Reader for PDF?

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    hey guys I'm asking you for some advices about a good ebook reader. I've many pdf I bought (also some of them, I go to college I must say found them on torrent because not have lots of money to buy all books lol) so is Kindle or Kindle Paperwhite a good choice? I've many books about maths to study also books about marketing to grow my internet marketing knowledge. Some people told me Kobo glo or Kobo Aura is good alternative? They can read many formats.. but I may use Kindle to buy some good books I've only seen on Amazon Kindle store..

    I've tried to convert with calibre pdf to mobi for my tablet, using app Moon Reader but results are so bad. I don't know if same results will be showns on Kindle. Which device would you advice me? Kindle, Kindle paperwhite or Kobo glo/aura? thank you..