good bounce rate, page depth for traffic

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    I just bought some traffic. I bought it last night and they started sending it today so there is not much of a track record. Yandex Metrica says my traffic has a 63.4 bounce rate and a 1.14 page depth and they only spend 22 seconds on the site. (I hope it isn't the addmefast traffic, they stay for 20 seconds before getting credit)

    So it doesn't sound very good but what do I know.

    Yandex shows the traffic primarily coming from Social and Search Engines.

    Are those statistics good enough for google adsense.

    I would like to have something up while I am evaluating traffic sources and landing pages and while I am waiting for the people in the Pay Per Call networks to get back to me (I will call them tomorrow)
    (I wish they would say what their offers are and what payouts were before I signed up, how do I know that I am not just wasing time, Offervault helps but it does not discuss, call duration pay, if the sale has to be closed, etch.)

    anyway, should I put adsense back up or not. (22 seconds kind of sucks as*)

    Can anyone recommend the best Pay Per Call out there for addiction