Good article re-writing service at affordable price...

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Nov 27, 2008
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Thank You - "Wiz"

Hello BHW members.

I'm here to offer my article re-writing service. I will use this service on as my part time job. I'm looking for ways to make some extra money, so I could invest it in my future plans. I'm willing to re-write your articles cheaply, but the quality of those articles will remain as high as possible.​

Article Rewriting:

Articles that contain ~300 words - $0.70
Articles that contain ~400 words - $1.00
Articles that contain ~500 words - $1.20

Turnaround time 1-2 days.

Article Re-writing packages:

5x ~300 - $3.3
5x ~400 - $4.6
5x ~500 - $5.5

Turnaround time 1-4 days.

I will be able to re-write 10 articles per day. Turnaround time depends on requests.

3 review copies will be available for special discount. Only $0.50 for 400 word article. Since this service is new and I have seen many services that scam around here, I offer those 3 review copies for loyal and respectable people who have at least 100 forum posts. If you have qualified for receive special review copy send me a pm. I'm really in need of money that's why offer this service so cheap and it's available only here in BHW.​
Hey CM,

You're right...there are already some scammers that came here with the same idea as you and they've completely destroyed BHW's trust in them and their services.

What country are you from?

Are you still accepting orders...or already full?

JJ King
cmdude - I may be interested in your services. On 500 word articles. Please email me at garry7381 at if you are still accepting requests.

Thanks man!
I got thousands of articles i want rewritten. YOu do a good job I can let you do probably as many as you can handle. I supply the article...typically around 400 words.
I dont care how you do it.. just get them to pass copyscape. Thats it.. quick and simple.
Lets try some and see how it works. Must not botch up grammar and spelling etc.


[email protected]
I guess you guys haven't checked OPs profile.
Lat time when he was online was 2009.
Probably this thread should be closed.
Not open for further replies.
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