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Aug 13, 2013
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So, i've been frustrated by how many times OP posts for pretty basic stuff but the advice/support he got from community is unreal.

I took the time to go through his threads for close to an hour, here's what I gathered.

(not trying to cyberbully OP, don't ban me pls)

Lessons from this 2 thread:

- Don't trust reviews, do your own testing. There are too many variables in SEO, sellers will push you to buy more so you can 'rank'. Buyers tend to be biased if they rank well, the ones that don't often compete in hard kws & have been pushed to buy more/often.

Do your own damn testing. On-site, keyword research, content matters too.
Your experience will not be exact as the last buyer.

Every other newbie saw the same exact reviews, left similar comments bc you don't know what you should look out for in a good service. (I had the same experience on konker buying foundation links when they don't even index. 300+ reviews & only 3 of them are bad)

Lessons from other threads:

- Skin in the game > theory
- Social proof =/= quality advice

A lot of rehashed content & short term thinking in this space, I got some advice a while back telling me EMDs don't work but it did for me. Results vary for everyone, test it.

- Track your buys in excel, it'll be easier to scale as a whole when you see results for a certain keyword.

- You get what you pay for, don't expect much from < $20 web 2.0 links.

- Take down advice & do your own testing. It will help if you ask specific questions instead of general ones.
I see a lot of advice going around on his threads but only some of it is actionable for OP. Everyone has been supportive but it's not their job to handhold you till you get results.

- No one owes you shit, you can google everything you need.

- I assume OP did not pay for SEO books/courses & just learn from threads/articles - there's a big quality difference when you learn from paid material vs free.

Mentors are required to update & test to keep the course going & the members happy.

People put out articles to convert leads & get paid.

User intent is different, obviously they are gon shill you some overpriced bs, it'll work but just not as cost-effective.

Must read threads, no TDLRs.
What works for one person, might not work for others.
People ask questions and sometimes get conflicting advice or a multitude of answers and sometimes you can't act on all of it ( or even any of it ).

Like the old saying, you can lead a horse to water......
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