Golden tea game,Turn the leaves into the money

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    The game origins from Russia from 2013. This web also provides English language platform, so you can easily get into it.
    Basically, you just buy the tree and waiting for it produce the leaves.
    Plant tea bushes on the playing field and start getting a steady income from that moment! Gather leaves after any time and sell them (20 leaves = 1 gold). However, when selling leaves, 50% goes to gold, 50% goes to coin
    100gold = 1 Rub (because this is a Russia game) so every 100 gold will be count to 1 Rub. You can feel ease because you still can exchange to USD easily.
    Here is the link you can catch up with :
    You can play freely with 1 tree is available from the start.
    You don't need to take care of the tree every moment. It still produces leaves for you. That means when you already put the tree on the farm, you are making money 24/7 even you sleep or work.
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    This look shady tbh. If they just pay you money for doing simple clicking where does the money they use to pay you come from? Do you have to pay to sign up? This looks way too good to be true and thus, it probably isn't