Going to a new way, Sick of buying articles.

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    Hello everyone, Im engaged in the IM business an half year now and recently I opened an Amazon affiliate website which is my main method now. I understood that what's play major role in SEO & attracting visitors today is quality content, Like alot of people that cannot write quality content I began to purchase articles to my website. By the time I relized that it's expensive to keep your website fresh with bought quality content so I decided to begin writing by my own. As you can see my writing skills is pretty low and English its not my mother language. I set myself a goal to write everyday minimum of 300 words of article / product review to improve my writing skills till I'll be master ! (at least hope so). I have few questions that I hope you can help me with:

    Where to start ? Im mean theres any threads or tutorials here about writing that can be usefull for me ? (Ive searching, but with no success)
    Can u mention usefull writing tool that you familiar with ? (even if it high cost)
    My main question: Like I said before my website is for selling products, should I place my articles (what Im writing ofc) in my website? I really afraid of doing that because of the low quality, what's mean - hurting SEO . (What's better ?, 7 reviews of low quality or 1 high quality per week )

    Hope to get help here :)
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    If your speaking English is good, check out dragon naturally speaking you can get it for free if you know the internet well.
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    If you want to be a better writer, start by being a better reader. And more specifically look how other high quality writers write product reviews. Check out these in-depth guides on products reviews:


    And read them back to back. A couple of times. Then you'll have a better idea of what quality content consists off, especially those written to convert and you can improve your content too.
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    What you need to do is improve your English and widen your vocabulary. Most native english speakers can write articles. Even if they can't, they will be able to write once they read a simple article writing guide. English comes first.
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    Not to boast, but when I'm in the zone I can write some killer articles. And even with that said, I still HATE writing articles OR paying for them. The way I see it, this is the "information age" and there are so many books, articles, databases that will never be read. So my motto is "why write at all"?

    Here are a few tips I've learned -

    1) If you haven't seen the yahoo voices thread. It's a pretty decent method to grab a lot of free content fast. http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackh...ee-content-any-niche-get-before-its-gone.html . I was able to download more than 17,000 niche related pages of content that I plan on using directly on my sites and building a massive PBN with. So you should definitely check that out before all the articles are gone.

    2) Access online libraries and databases - In the US all you gotta do is visit your local library and get a passcode for their online databases. Check to verify that the content hasn't been published online, then steal it and "repurpose" it for your own sites. I do this mainly for my local lead gen sites thought and in more isolated niches. I would not use this method in any popular niches.

    3) Rent old books from your library about your niche - Similar idea. Go rent an old book. Sure, the information is outdated but they are still loaded with high quality, information packed content that Google will love. And you are far less likely to get contacted by the publisher. You can download or buy Dragon Naturally Speaking, then transcribe the content very quickly using a HQ mic.

    4) Curate Content - Basically just steal news stories, post them on your site, link back to the source. This is a great way to beef up a site with quality content.

    5) Find a YT video and drop a mic by your speakers - I've done this many times before. I basically find a really good video in my niche. Preferably 60-90 minutes long. Then I turn on Dragon Naturally Speaking, open ms word, start the video, drop the mic in front of the speakers and leave the room. The mic will automatically transcribe all the content from the video into text. Then you come back 1 hour later and what do you know? You have 50-70 pages worth of content!!! Only downside to this technique is you will need to do a shitload of editing.

    That's basically it. You gotta think outside the box and be innovative. But you also gotta be smart and discrete when you do this type of stuff. Don't steal popular stuff. Don't steal content from any new, best selling books. Look for those gems that very few people know or care about. We live in a world of information. Way too much information if you ask me. And even sites like Woodwards blog, to Google it seems like a HQ site. To newbies it seems like HQ content. To me, it just seems like some dude swiped a ton of marketing methods from BHW, fluffed them out with images and guru talk, and he managed to create a top 100 blog in less than 12 months.

    Good luck - BB
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