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Going mobile, i make mobile website's, end i am banking next year

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by smash-wear.nl, Jun 9, 2012.

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    Jun 10, 2009
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    this is a translated text
    I am starting a new company, what do you think about this.
    i stardet today to get sell's, i have in 24 hour 1 costemer end 1 maby,
    was a sell of 348 euro a year, 29 euro a mont,
    let the internet 3.0 mobile game begin
    lets get more clients nowe,

    - flyers
    - email
    - contact offline
    - hot-walking
    - cold calling

    My gool is 3 new clients a mont to eat end next year to swim in my swimming pool

    Do you have already a mobile Internet site?
    Mobile Internet sites become always more important!

    More and more potential customers use the Internet by means of their mobile. A standard Internet site is not well reflected on a mobile tel. Frequently the texts must to be able read the texts and fall be zoomed in there thereby in the baffle. At mobile Internet sites the this, however, case is.

    The advantages of mobile Internet sites?

    A mobile Internet site has a lot of advantages at respects when you have no mobile Internet site. These advantages we below for you have enumerated.

    • For a mobile a mobile Internet site is useier-friendly. For this reason the visitor needs in and from at zoomen and keeps the overview. The user experience will improve because of this much its.
    • A mobile Internet site charges much more rapidly than an ordinary Internet site on a mobile. A normal Internet site contains frequently more graphic elements which must be charged at respect of a mobile Internet site.
    • A range larger has than Apps because a mobile Internet site on each smartphone to examine is.
    What are the costs of a mobile Internet site?

    Mobile Internet sites can we very fast for you realise. We build the mobile Internet site by means of standard template. We ask thereby if you want fill in the document with aanleverspecificaties. After we have received this specification we your mobile Internet site rapidly are able realise.
    The costs of the mobile Internet sites on the basis of the template are € 290.00 euro. This is including 5 pages and é é n liaison form. It is also possible the mobile manage Internet site by means of the TheNewGen. To this is what extra costs linked.

    • Mobile Internet sites
    • Internet site analysis & recommendation
    • Internet site maintenance
    • Field buys

    Internet site lets build?
    For every situation an appropriate solution!

    Do you want mobilewebsite which whole has been coordinated on your target group and distinguishes itself at on zichte of your competition? Your Internet site lets through then TheNewGen Mobile to develop. Om tot het beste resultaat te komen werken wij volgens een werkwijze om zo de kwaliteit van de website naar een hoger niveau te brengen.

    The Internet sites of TheNewGen Mobile contain standard the following matter:

    • Google Analytics
    • Google Mapskaart
    • Infinite number of pages
    • Each month for free Internet site tips and update's
    • Favicon (small logo in the browser)
    • Printvriendelijke page
    • Error page (it is shown when there a page does not exist)
    A tailor-made job Internet sites

    web office TheNewGen Mobile already for a lot of companies a number of has been possible develop Internet sites. In port folio you can examine this Internet site. Directly a number of examples to be able examine to stand below a number of Internet sites which has been recently developed.
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