Going back to my authority blog. am i doing this right?

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    So I've started a blog in December but after that, I stopped working on it to work on other methods.
    However, lately I've decided to come back to my blog and doing some slow SEO to it.

    Here's my plan
    Next couple of days, add more content. I currently have 15 articles but targeting approx 8-10 keywords for the whole site.
    Keywords are also 5000< Global and Local monthly searches
    Also for on-site SEO i plan to link articles/pages to each other via keyword anchortexts + generic keywords. Varying follow and nofollow links too. probably around 50-50 ( is this safe?)
    Oh and stupid question.. does underlining the keyword help too for seo?

    Next week:
    Build Tier 1's
    -have 15+ web 2.0 containing 2-4 articles each. Targeting 2-3 keywords each 2.0 blog/site
    -high quality blog comments having an exact keyword anchor link and broad keyword anchor
    -social bookmarking (reddit, stubleupon,.. only ones I can think of on the top of my head)
    -helpful answers in yahooanswers
    -i'll save these links for tier 2

    Week after:
    By then i'll have half or more of my web2.0s done
    -Blast the finished web 2.0's with senuke. Gonna be using social profiles and bookmarking. Maybe other web2.0's and/or forum posts.
    -Also blast the links for the tier 1 social bookmarks and yahooanswers.
    -Blast the remainder web2.0's if they're done.
    -The blasts will be over 2-3 weeks

    What do you guys think of this plan? How long till I see results? I'm currently getting 0 visitors lol but I'm not surprised because I've only built 1 off page link. I'm expecting a month. (just want to know if i'm right or wrong so ill know if im progressing)

    As for monetizing, I plan on doing that after I'm getting some decent traffic.

    Any thoughts or inputs are greatly appreciated. Thanks guys
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