'Godfather of AI' Resigns from Google and Warns of AI Dangers


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Jan 16, 2017
The original article can be found here for those that would like to read it over.

Some of Geoffrey Hinton's quotes:

"Right now, they're not more intelligent than us, as far as I can tell. But I think they soon may be."

"You can imagine, for example, some bad actor like Russian President Vladimir Putin deciding to give robots the ability to create their own sub-goals, they may eventually create sub-goals like 'I need to get more power'".

"Right now, what we're seeing is things like GPT-4 eclipsing a person in the amount of general knowledge it has and it eclipses them by a long way. In terms of reasoning, it's not as good, but it does already do simple reasoning, and given the rate of progress, we expect things to get better quite fast. So we need to worry about that."

"We're biological systems and these are digital systems. And the big difference is that with digital systems, you have many copies of the same set of weights, the same model of the world, all these copies can learn separately but share their knowledge instantly. So it's as if you had 10,000 people and whenever one person learned something, everybody automatically knew it. And that's how these chatbots can know so much more than any one person."
It's exciting. I'm sure people feared the internet being unleashed to the world. Look where we are today
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