Godaddy Trick, wonder if it works

Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by avi_31337, Dec 11, 2008.

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    Hiye everyone... this was first share on BHW.....

    Everyone know that we can get a domain name for 0.99$ at godaddy using the promo 99domain. Dont flame me, I wasnt here to tell you about that...

    For petty purposes I am registering .info domainz(as they are cheap). But I wish even for landing pages .com domain name sound good rather than .info

    Wish I can create many new accounts on godaddy and can have as many domains as I wish to have....I gonna purchase a Godaddy Giftcard worth some 15$... use if for each of the new account I created.... I can register around 12 .com names for just 15$...

    So all my BHW friends, please comment wheather something like this could work, and please give me ur valuble suggestionz...

    Thank you!!!
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    Wouldn't it be kind of fishy that all those 12 accounts purchased a domain with the same card?.....Just wondering.

    Dont know if that is allowed or not but just putting it out there.
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    I tried that code and it didn't work. Is it still active? or maybe i'm doing somthing wrong
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    I am pretty sure I saw a thread about this yesterday as well as another one a few days ago.. I can understand that it can be missed.. search for the keyword: 99domain.

    Anyways the summary:
    A couple of users bought more than one on old accounts. I believe 1 guy bought 6. The solution according to him was to register them one at a time.

    So where is the catch:
    Its a dollar for the first year. The renewal cost for the second year will not be the normal $9 approx but rather the cost of back-ordering the domain. i.e. 19$, plus you will need private registration (or maybe not!!) that costs 9$ per year.
    So the effective cost excluding the cost of private registration by the second year will be at least 20$ which is more than the discount a 20% discount would give you.

    I want more:
    In addition as I had point out on another thread, if you use the godaddy buld registration tool to register 5 or more domains you will get private registration for free, so effectively even if you register 5 .com's without any discount coupons, it will cost you:
    for the .com's : 50$
    effective discount on private registration: 45$
    actual cost of domains: $1 each + no catch included

    Furthermore as professional20 pointed out, how do you intend to use a single gift-card on 5 different accounts..

    Weigh the pro's and con's for yourself.. and the private registration is definitely a factor that should not be avoided.

    for bulk registration goto:
    Ah and yes I totally forgot: if you register 6 or more .coms including the private registration the effective cost will be $0.

    Remember to select private registration when you reach the cart, they slyly point it out but do not auto-select it.

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    Using this coupon On november when this worked I registered totally about 20 coms from ONE paypal account and from just created godaddy accounts,
    BUT then godaddy contacted me and asked for my passport id to verify purchases, after I sent in It's been ok- even they saw that I have taken advantage of this coupon and just registering for each new domain new account and then transfering them all to my one main account.