GoDaddy is DOWN!

Next time you need to verify something like this go here:


Also, it says godaddy is up.

godaddy is fine with me..sometimes their site takes a little time to load..
GoDaddy is notoriously unstable for loading and reloading. I use them a lot for a lot of clients and they are always crapping out for some unknown reason.


namecheap is god - 9 dollar reg + free whoisguard - interface is way easy to use and they dont try to upsell you on a thousand useless piece of shit products on your way to checkout.

f godaddy
Namecheap is pretty sick. I did like the free whoisguard. Yeah I feel ya, go daddy is "all about the roosvelts baby" lol, I love that commercial.
GoDaddy up and running for me but I still wouldn't register with them unless they had those $2 domains again. Namecheap ftw with their whois protection!
I cant believe anyone here uses godaddy...have you not heard how bad they are? wake go daddy domain complaints and you will see...
for cheap people out 3 dollar domain and you can get a coupon that will register a domain through network-solutions for 3 bucks..ive done it a few times but you get no whois protection for free..what u expect for 3 bucks...
I am having issues transfering a domain from them right now so I dont know if they are reliable depending what your doing
Godaddy was down for a few hours last night. In the 4 years that I have used them, this is the first time I have had issues like that.
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