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Feb 21, 2022
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I don't know what to add to previous reviews. This guy is super cooperative, friendly & respectful. I have placed numerous orders with him and he has not failed to impress me ever.
He provides exactly what he advertises. Don't know what you can ask more for in this price. People using PBN's should try his services.
The only downside is that he provides spun content instead of handwritten but in this price it is justifiable.


Jun 9, 2020
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Can i see sample? thanks
PM sent. Please check.
I don't know what to add to previous reviews. This guy is super cooperative, friendly & respectful. I have placed numerous orders with him and he has not failed to impress me ever.
He provides exactly what he advertises. Don't know what you can ask more for in this price. People using PBN's should try his services.
The only downside is that he provides spun content instead of handwritten but in this price it is justifiable.
Thank you so much for your Honest Review.
Order submitted for review copy
Order details submitted for review copy
Order Details Submitted
Order details submitted
Order details submitted
Order Details Submitted
Order details submitted
order details submitted
Confirmed. Thank you so much.
Just ordered, looking forward to the report, thanks!

placed order for Freya pack
Kratos package ordered.
Confirmed. Thank you so much.


My review copy:

This diversity link package is effective, many links are already indexed, this is really bonus nowadays, since I found it was really hard to index things.

The quality is good for a normal diversity package, I am satisfied.

I got a review copy, provided requested info and got my link report in a few days - a xls file with web20, articles, profiles, comments links and bookmarks.

I have just check and some links is indexed. Article quality is questionable, I am not a native English speaker to check it. These are good 2nd tier links I believe, am not a seo expert, so take my words with a grain of salt.

@mmubeen8 is nice and helpful. Good work overall, recommended.
I was lucky to be selected for a review copy, here's what I got:

A neatly laid out spreadsheet report with all the links, keywords and login details.

The service is very diverse, including web 2.0 links, profile backlinks, article submissions, niche relevant comments, social bookmarking, classified ads, .edu links and a lot of Tier 2 links.

The communication with the seller was great and easy. Overall looks like a very good service.

Thank you!
Received a review copy, will be doing an honest review.

Just as promised, this REALLY is an "all in one" package. It's perfect for keyword diversity, platform diversity & what I liked the most about it is the fact that OP actually goes through the effort of getting the links indexed.

Recently Google has been quite strict about indexing low quality stuff, as such stuff like web2.0, profiles, etc has had a difficult time getting indexed, however, just 1 day after OP finished his work 3 out of 5 web2.0 had already gotten indexed, that's amazing results! Especially when you consider that I've paid for PBNs in BHW that still haven't been indexed after 1 whole month!

Overall, if what you're looking for is some foundation links to dilute your anchor text and platforms then this service is perfect for that job.
I've got a review copy - and here is my review (honest and unbiased as always).

When I opened the report file - my first thought was: "Nice. I like this. Clean and professional."

After checking more here and there - I got nothing to object to.

Web 2.0 profiles are in place, few of them are already indexed. The same goes for articles/ads and the rest of Tier 1 links.

I've also checked some random texts for plagiarism %. The result was unique - no comments here. I don't care about readability for such links - I care about google indexing this content. And it did.

Communication was good, delivery was as promised.

Overall: a very good experience and a good backlink package.

I'll monitor further results - got weekly keyword tracking in place, so I will see the difference on those keywords.

@mmubeen8 GLWS and thank you!
Received the order.

I must say, Overall quality of the links is so much better.

Quality of the web2.0 articles is good.

And links are getting indexed too. That's what i really concerned about these diversity package.

Thank you for the nice work.

Will order again soon.
My review after ordering the Arteus package.

- Reports is well organized.
- Received the login credentials for the WEB 2.0 and PROFILE links.
- @mmubeen8 is very cooperative and responses as soon as he can.
- Delivery of the report was as expected.
- The indexing is still under process so i will update you about how many links got indexed.
- Links are diversified and they are more than enough if your site is new and requires starter juice.

- Articles and content can be improved, the KW backlinked plugged better within the articles, the articles content can also be improved as they are semi readable sometimes.
- Some links were missed in the report and some fixes were needed, i understand that this task might be confusing and can result to some human errors but it's okay as @mmubeen8 fixed the issues on the spot when i flagged them.

Overall i am happy with this service. and i suggest it.

I ordered the Freya package for another website and i will give a second feedback.
This review is for the Kratos Package which i got in 96$ with Discounts.

I had many questions before placing the order and he was patient enough to answer every single one of them. He is professional and considerate in communication.
Job was completed within the advised TAT.

One of the reason to place the order was to see if he can deliver what he has advertised for the sum of money listed. Now that i have received the report i can say with confidence, he does.


The report is an Excel Sheet and consists of Multiple Sheets with beautiful detailed reports (as expected).

All the links were placed on websites with High DA/DR ranges between 40+ to 90+.

Provided him with 4 different keywords and he managed to work with all of them throughout this job. My niche is particularly difficult to work with and i was expecting it to be a hard for him to finish in the given TAT as some posts were liable to be disallowed on public sites, but he's got all them links up with nicely crafted content.
  • 30 web 2.0 - Each displayed a unique & good quality article 700+ words and readable. Logins were also provided.
  • 30 Profile backlinks - with Login info
  • 20 Article Submissions - Niche Relevant Unique Content, Human Readable. 600 - 1000 words each.
  • 20 Niche relevant Comments - Relevant
  • 3 NICHE RELEVANT Videos with my keywords - Genius
  • PDF Submissions, Images, Edu etcc etc
  • etc etc etc
There is so much in this package that i couldn't possibly explain here.


My site's ranking jumped 2 points from 17 to 19 in two days, I believe it'll climb even more once all the links are indexed.

I recommend his services to all. This package is excellent to give your site a boost for the least amount of money spent. I once used to buy single PBN Links for 100$ but now thanks to BHW, I think that PBN's are over priced and over hyped (even reduced my site's rankings sometimes). IMHO public websites with High DA/PA are best to bring in traffic and better results in search engines. I doubt that you'll find so much in a single package on BHW and for this amount of money.
I have nothing but good things to say about him and i recommend you guys to not waste money with expensive sellers but to give him a go.
Review copy received -

Firstly, the seller is very friendly to deal with and listened to my requests. Response time was great and I was kept up-to-date with my order. The articles used were fine for the intended use but I think I would like to tweak these a little myself in future (just so I can get them how I like). For instance, placing the anchor text in a little bit more of a natural position. As they are - they are just fine though so no issues.

Received 5 Web 2.0, profile links, articles subs, niche relevant comments, social bookmarking, classified ads, edu and a bunch of tier 2 links -great work. Nice to see the classified ads in this as well as don't often see these. Links are already live which is great to see and difficult to achieve a lot of the time at the moment. Will be interesting to see what effect this has on rankings etc but nice diversity. Would recommend.
I received a free review copy of this service and am overall very impressed.

It is for diversity links, so is unlikely to improve rankings very much, but when combined with guest posts and PBN links this would work very well and allow you to get lots of brand and URL anchors, along with a good variety of link types.

The really good thing here is the tier two links, as it means that a good amount of the tier one links (that are normally hard to get indexed, like profile links) get indexed. I'd say over half of the links that got tier two links got indexed, and that's just a couple of days after the report was delivered, so that may well improve more.

The link types are the same as the above guys got, and my anchors were not placed especially well in the web 2.0 links but upon pointing that out they did correct that, so all good now.

So overall it's great for diversity links that get indexed.

Received a review copy from the seller with many T1 and T2 links. The report was delivered by email in an excel sheet. TAT was not defined.

A lot of content was well written and readable. Proper images were used. The anchor was used as specified.

Final Words
This is a good service for diversifying your backlinks. The seller delivers what is promised. Some of the links were already indexed at the time of writing this review.
Received a review copy of a package:
- Created 5 famous Web 2.0 blogs with Outlook email access
- Web 2.0 blogs are with niched related content and images
- Blog content is readable and look natural enough for visitors
- All these 5 blogs are indexed by Google already, great!

- Also get 5-10 backlinks for each of these categories: profile backlinks, article submission, niche comments, social bookmarking, classified ads, edu backlinks
- All these are good enough with related title, content and images
- Also received over 100 Tier 2 backlinks for above categories
- Communication is quick & smooth, and delivery of report is quick

Great service for tier and pyramid link building strategy with great link diversity, recommended!
I received a review copy for ARETEUS Package.

Service Highlights
  • The number of links is huge and the quality is good. It took me some time to manually verify all links.
  • The content is spun but readable. I've tested a few articles for plagiarism and they have an average 70% uniqueness.
  • The content is decently formatted and images are placed wherever possible.
  • The seller sticks to what is promised in the BST and maintained great quality even in Tier-2 links.
  • The login credentials are provided for web 2.0s and profile links.
  • From web 2.0s to articles to comments, everything is niche-relevant. Even Tier-2 links are niche-relevant.
  • The communication with the seller is great. He was very polite during our conversations.
  • The report was delivered within TAT. The report contains an excel sheet with links seggregated in tabs.

What could be improved?
  • The content has some grammar and formatting issues. There are a few instances where sentences start with lower case letters.
  • The anchor and link are placed at the end of the paragraph. It could've been better if it's placed within the paragraph.
  • The report is delivered through Gmail as an attachment. I personally prefer mediafire for reports.

Final Thoughts
The seller has good knowledge of these backlinks and he exactly delivered what is promised in the sales thread. Overall, it's a great service for foundation links and diversity links. I'd highly recommend the service to anyone looking for these packages.
Thank you, OP for a review copy.
Here's my review for ARETEUS Package
1. Web2.0: clean and a mixture of do/no follow so good for diversity. The content is readable and with images but links could've been placed more naturally.
2. Profile links: simple profile links with short bios. Pictures used on every profile to make it look legit.
3. Articles: same as web2.0. A good diversity.
4. Comments: blog comments are nofollow but on relevant blogs which is good for relevancy but won't pass link juice.
5. Ads and .edu links: the posts are relevant and links are d0follow.
6. Other submissions: everything is as promised.
Overall, you get a wide range of links from many sources (do/no follow mix).

What can be improved?
Some profile links have "noindex" attribute so they need to be replaced.
Indexing: OP really needs to increase the number of tier2 links to make sure everything gets indexed. It's been only a few days so I need to wait longer to see what indexes and what I need to index myself.

I was offered a free ARETEUS Package in exchange for the detailed review.

On February 26 I sent my details to @mmubeen8 and on March 12 I received the report.

I told him to "feel free to take as much time as you need" with me, but he still added that I would get the report in up to 20 days and I got it, in less time.

TAT was 16 days, to be more precise.


10 Web 2.0
15 Profile Backlinks
10 Article Submission
10 Niche Relevant Comments
15 Social Bookmarking
5 Classified Ads
5 .EDU
3 Blog Posts
7 Mix Backlinks

100 Tier 2 Links

I got emails and passwords for 10 Web 2.0 and 15 Profile Backlinks.

The text can always be better...

All in all, solid diversity pack.

Advice: Add [different] pictures and videos wherever they can be inserted.

This is not the first time I have collaborated with @mmubeen8 and these packages that he is working with are solid for diversity.

Thank you for everything @mmubeen8 I wish you all the best with the new BST!
Thank you for the good job you did.. we keep in touch..

I got the KRATOS $160 package as a free review copy.

The whole package was delivered with all the content in it as expected, and it is a lot of links, all the logins/passwords needed was there to.

The articles was semi-readable and on par with what to expect. Links with keywords in the articles was not smoothly included in the text, but written separate after the text. Should be included in the sentence instead.

Overall, a huge pack of links, it will be interesting to see if it affects the ranking of the targeted website. Links where a mix of targeted/semi targeted niche links.

A good foundation package for spreading out the links.
Hey, You did the fantastic job for the 1st order.

almost every link is now indexed. And my site is getting so much improvement.

I highly recommend his service.

Going to order for my 2nd website.

I received a free review copy to test this service.

TAT 3 Days.


5x web 2.0
5x profile backlinks
5x article submissions
10x blog comments
5x social bookmarking
5x classified ads
5x EDU
90x tier2 links

I received what was promised. I would prefer the delivery to be slower but no problem at all.

Received my report with all links and credentials for the email used to create the profiles.

Great work overall would recommend this service.
Got a review copy

Received my report today and it is well-detailed.
The seller did extra work to get these links indexed and I can see some links indexed already.

Communication was also good and he kept me updated throughout the process.
Received a FREE review copy of this service here is my review.

In total I receive 35 T1 links from various sources like web 2.0, profile, article, edu, bookmarks and 30 T2 links pointing to T1 links.
The quality of content used is decent so it fit's nicely with link types web 2.0 and articles.
I liked the use of keyword anchors in the beginning of articles.
Relevant images were used and the content was very much relevant to the niche and topic.
All links are live at the time of posting this review (OP replaced few links that were not working).
Good communication and support from OP.
Personally I would say these would work great for parasites and youtube.
For moneysites it won't do any wonders but will add the required diversity.
Overall it's a nice diversity linkbuilding service to diversify websites backlink profile.
Review time: I have received a review copy from @mmubeen8 and the details are following ~

- Received a total 5 web 2.0 links and all with login details.
- Blogs are of good quality and relevant images are used.
- Keyword placement is solid with readable spun content.
- Seller is easy to work with and very friendly, TAT was fast.

The links which i received were as advertised, good luck with your sales.
Receive the review copy.
Here's my review
1. Web2.0: seller provides links from a totally 5 higher DA sites
2. Profile links: Link from 5 Higher DA Sites
3. Articles: totall amount of links 5 from different domain same as web2.0. A good diversity.
4. Comments: blog comments are no-follow
5. Ads and .edu links: 5 each of the posts are relevant and links are d0follow.
6. Other submissions: everything is as promised.
Overall, you get a wide range of links from many sources (do/no-follow mix).
(I am his facebook client, he asked me to leave a review here)

I was looking for an SEO service to help improve my e-commerce store rankings and I came across Mubeen through Fb. They were pretty affordable. They have exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds! My store has increased its ranking on Google search results pages and sales have also gone up.

I would recommend M.
Got my order and the quality of it is excellent. The content itself looks natural and readable. It does not look to be generated at all.

The sites are relevant to my niche, they added pictures that are relevant as well to make it look natural.

Service was polite and quick, I got my order pretty quickly.

The other sites help to diversify my link profile.

Overall, a great service by a great team.
Review Time

I got 5 Web 2.0s as a copy.
The links are all well made and look professional.
The report is clean along with all the details.
The anchor text was used properly in all the links.
All good web 2.0 sites were used for the work.
Good service!


Mubeen asked me to leave a review here for him.

We actually met on another SEO marketplace 2 years ago where he provides his backlinks services. since then i am using his services for the seo purposes.

I always use his services for my all websites and he does a great job with them. I always check the backlinks that they get indexed or not. And every time he indexed them within the package.

He is a good one to work with and he knows how to make good backlinks.

I recommended his services.

And i will use his services again for sure.

Results After Using Our Service







Jun 9, 2020
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Order details submitted. Be back with a review.
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Looking forward to it
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Order Details submitted. Thanks.
Order Details submitted. Thank you :)
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Confirmed. Thank you so much.
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